Walking the Moon-lit Path: Virgo New Moon

Walking the Moon-lit Path: Virgo New Moon


Virgo’s symbol is the virgin; a symbol that has been all-too-often associated with librarians, nuns, and very strict headmistresses. The virgin is actually the virgin goddess, and she inspires us to purify. She is self-possessed,  simply meaning that she is her own woman, fully in her power. This symbol hearkens back to the matriarchial times, when strong, empowered, women were the norm. Though we have to travel many thousands of years back in time to find this era, many of us feel in our hearts that we have lived this before, and we will live it again. It is no surprise that such an important and beautiful symbol should take on the denigrating associations with frigidity and fastidiousness in these times, where strong women who belong to themselves haven’t exactly been appreciated . Regardless of what planets, if any, we have in Virgo, or what sex organs we possess, this New Moon is a call for us to access this powerful virgin goddess within.




 A balanced Virgo will naturally be attracted to a life-style that will support her own health, as well as that of the community and planet. This is why they are so prominent in alternative and complimentary health fields. Diet , exercise, and medicines of all kinds ( herbal, homeopathic, allopathic, supplements ) fall under Virgo’s domain. For most of us, in this day and age, the search for purity is easier said than done. The ironies are endless as we seek to eat ,drink, and breathe healthily while steering clear of the toxic thoughts and emotions that can come from judgments of these interesting times we live in.


Some of the infamous pitfalls that result from the imbalanced Virgo state include low self-esteem, excessive criticism of self and others, over-attention to details ( failing to see the forest for the trees ) and self-sacrifice/workaholism. Virgo’s deep call to service is often pure and noble, but it can work against them as they can be such poor advocates for themselves. They have lessons to learn in self-advocacy and general strengthening of the healthy ego identity. The critical streak is most likely a permutation of the quest for purity, and what can happen if we don’t get enough time-out for renewal of spirit.


This particular new moon falls in the very early degrees of Virgo. This has been happening for several months and will continue until February 2015. This pattern won’t then return until summer of 2017. The new moon coinciding with the sun’s ingress into a sign feels very neat and tidy…we work with Virgo concepts while the Sun moves thru Virgo, Libra concepts while the sun moves thru Libra, etc. Yet, the new moon can happen in any degree, meaning any day, of the sun’s movement thru the sign. The moon becomes new once it “joins” the sun by conjunction, which means they occupy the same zodiac degree, or pie slice in the sky.  This winter we will have 2 new moons in Aquarius ( a once in a blue moon occurrence ), and then, for the rest of 2015, the new moons will happen in the last few days of the sun’s movement thru a sign. Interesting to contemplate, but for now let’s enjoy our nice and orderly few remaining months.


The most obvious aspect of this New Moon is an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which could have us feeling very spacey, creative, inspired, or all of the above. The first day or two of the cycle can have us continuing to feel drawn to inner, contemplative states with any new moon, and this is even more true with Neptune looming large in the sky. It will be important to leave plenty of down time and dream time, even if it is the beginning of the week. A more challenging aspect that we cannot ignore is a powerful conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. There are ideas projects and actions asking for our attention, and yet they are only in the early phases of labor. This aspect likely involves some resistance, where we will be needing to resolve some foundational issues in order to move this birthing along.


The entirety of 2014 has been providing high-octane fuel for transformation, and yet up until only a month ago, an endless parade of retrograde personal planets kept the process largely on the inside. Finally the time is here to start to share our changes with the outer world. Yet, there are plenty of bumps along the way, as we confront our remaining fears and doubts.  What pieces or our life are not sustainable or supportive will stick our more and more like a sore thumb in these times.


This Virgo New Moon cycle gives us an excellent opportunity to release some of these obstacles that we may truly be  ready to let go . This is a time to remember the goddess, honor her, and even merge with her. We can use the power of this time to release doubts, or at least find a way to co-exist peacefully with them. It is also an excellent time to identify and release blocks to healthy interdependence ( beyond co-dependent is independent, and beyond this is the ideal state of interdependence…we don’t seek to be islands ). Speaking of dependencies, maybe there is some sort of toxic addiction or compulsion that is finally ready to go? This would be a great time to honor your higher self, and the goddess within, with the gift of purification. Let’s use this time to help us align with the cosmic transformation…the matriarchy awaits.


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